Have you ever wondered why there always seems to be a police precinct, jail, and/or sheriff’s office in close proximity to one another? If you look even closer, you will find attorneys and, yes, bail bonds companies all within walking distance. This isn’t an accident. It’s the realization of a location’s importance in being able to get things done.

In the following article, we’ll be talking a bit about the process of arrest, arraignment, and bail. Here’s how it operates.

Say You’re Picked Up As a Suspect in a Crime…

The first thing the police officer will do is book you into custody. Here’s where you’ll learn what charges you’re facing. It’s also when you’ll be able to contact a representative to act on your behalf. This could be your attorney, a relative, or a bail bondsman. Ultimately, the person you contact will be following your lead.

Next Comes Detainment

You won’t get a hearing right away. That will need to be scheduled. However, the good news is that most courts have one or two periods for arraignment each day. The arraignment hearing is when you’ll be formally charged, and it’s when a judge will decide whether bail is an option as well as how much the amount will be.

This Is Where Location Really Matters

If your bail bondsman is located close to the “justice center,” they’ll be able to act quickly to win your release. They can send someone right over to post the bond as soon as it’s set in stone.

They’ll also have a clearer picture than most of who the reputable defense attorneys are that you can get to take up your case. While you’ll want to talk with each attorney individually, having a bail bondsman in the area can really save you a lot of time in your research.

Best of all, if there are any issues that arise with the administration of your bail, your bondsman is there to address them and they won’t have to drive across town or lose time building relationships with law enforcement officials that would already be there if the office was located closer to the action.

One Last Thing About Bail Bond Location

In areas like the DFW Metroplex, it’s not uncommon for the more reputable companies to have more than one office. That’s because there are many possible jails or holding units where you could be depending on which part of the city the charges occurred and the jurisdiction of the responding officers. Coverage is important, and DDD Dallas Bail Bonds has your back. Contact us today if you need bail assistance and support.