Mistakes can happen to anyone at any time. Though we all hope to never deal with the legal system, it does not hurt to know a little bit about how it works. For instance, many do not realize that in the event of an arrest, a bail amount is not always the same across every offense. Two people could commit the same crime but have their bails set to totally different amounts, and today we are going to explain three reasons that might happen. If you or a loved one has been arrested in the Dallas area and is in need of help securing release, DDD Bail Bonds can help. Our experienced professional team works hard to get you set up with a bail bond agreement fast and affordably.

1. Nature of the Crime

One of the determining factors when setting bail is the nature and severity of the crime. Those who are being charged with a misdemeanor will likely be given a bail amount lower than someone who is charged with a felony. In some cases, such as violent or sexual crimes, bails are set extremely high because the chances of being able to pay it are low. This is done for the public’s safety because the judge wants to decrease the possibility of that person being free before their trial date.

2. Defendant’s History

If someone has an extensive criminal record, the chances that their bail price will be set low are unlikely. This is because a judge is making the call that the defendant is likely to commit more crimes while out on bail, which they of course do not want.

The judge will also consider an ex-offenders record with appearing in court. When released on bail, you make the promise to return to a courtroom once called upon, if someone has a history of not doing that the judge will want to keep them in custody.

3. Evidence in the Case

More common in a felony charge, a judge might hear from police or investigators that there is little reasonable doubt that someone committed a crime. If someone is afraid that they will be charged, they are more likely to avoid coming back to have their trial. A judge might set their bail high hoping it will keep them in jail so they can guarantee that they will be tried in court.

DDD Bail Bonds: Providing Bail Bonds for Any Dallas Case

When someone is arrested, there are several things that play into the price of their bail amount. When making this decision, a judge will look at the persons history and what they are being charged with. Generally, those charged with misdemeanors will have lower bails, but that does not mean they are always affordable. For those arrested in Dallas County, DDD Bail Bonds can make paying for bail much easier. Our friendly bail bond agents can get you set up with a free quote 24/7. Give us a call at (972) 848-9663 or visit our website. We never make you wait and offer flexible payment plans.