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Farmers Branch

When a police officer suspects you of committing a crime in Farmers Branch you can expect to be taken to the Farmers Branch Justice Center. The justice center is open and operates a temporary adult holding facility 24 hours a day. If you or a loved one has been picked up by Farmers Branch police you can reach detention staff at (972) 919-9327. Staff members at the detention center can confirm if your loved one is being detained, provide information about bail, visitation, and other relevant information. Once you figure out where your friend or family member is being detained and the judge sets bail, DDD bail bondsmen will be there to help. The bail bondsmen at DDD bail bonds serve all of Dallas County and can help you get out of jail quickly. 

    The City of Farmers Branch

      Farmers Branch is an inner-ring Dallas suburb and a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It’s known for being a “city in a park”, and boasts 28 parks in a 12-mile radius. It’s a relatively small community, and life moves at a slower pace than it does in the neighboring city of Dallas. The business industry in Farmers Branch is also quite impressive. Farmers Branch has over 4,000 companies, 250 of which are corporate headquarters located within city limits. The city also offers a variety of educational opportunities as it’s a part of two public school districts. Parents also have the option to send their children to charter schools, private schools, or enroll them in weekend supplementary classes. Students can also pursue higher education in Farmers Branch at the local Christian college or the community college.

      Crime in Farmers Branch, TX

        Farmers Branch has a relatively high crime rate. Neighborhood Scout determined that this city is more dangerous than nearly 73% of U.S. cities. However, experts say that the amount of crime committed in Farmers Branch is comparable to other cities of its size. Data shows that there’s a fair amount of property and violent crimes reported in Farmers Branch. However, one of the crimes most commonly committed in this city is motor vehicle theft according to FBI crime data. In fact, it has one of the highest occurrences of car theft in the entire nation.

        DDD Bail Bonds in Farmers Branch

        The bondsmen at DDD Bail Bonds are reliable and compassionate. DDD Bail Bonds in Farmers Branch has an excellent reputation because we’re dedicated to customer service and try to make this overwhelming process easier for every client we serve. We are open and writing bail bonds 24/7, so we can offer some of the quickest jail releases in Dallas county. However, after several years of serving in this industry, we’ve grown our network. Now, we can help get you released from any jail in the country. If you’re worried about how to pay to get a loved one released, don’t be. We understand that this can be a large and unexpected expense. We can help you out by only charging you a percentage of the set bail, and offering you a payment plan to help manage the expense. 

        If you or someone you care about is accused of a crime in Farmers Branch call us ASAP. Visit our website to get a quote or give us a call at (469) 382-1684 to get more information.

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        Payment plans

        We offer you payment plans so you can get your loved one home as soon as possible even if you don’t have the bail money right away.


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        Fast Jail Release

        Here at DDD Dallas Bail Bonds, we know how important it is for this process to move as rapidly as possible. We expedite the bail bond process from our end so that your loved one will be out as soon as possible.

        Working with a bail bond company doesn’t have to be a drag.

        When you call DDD Bail Bonds, you will experience friendly staff who understand your situation and want to help you every step of the way.

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