A million thoughts could run through your mind if you or a loved one is faced with an arrest. Regardless of what happened to put you behind bars, you will likely wonder how to secure your release and what will happen next. When you work with a bail bondsman, a lot of those concerns are taken away. Today, we are going to explain exactly why you should enlist the help of a bail bondsman if you get arrested.

If you find yourself in a Dallas jail, remember that DDD Bail Bonds has an excellent reputation in DFW for helping anyone who needs their services. DDD treats every client with respect and understanding; we just want to help you get back on track.

How Does a Bondsman Secure Your Release?

After someone has been officially booked at a police station, a bail bond can be secured with a bondsman to get them released. Once a court has set a bond amount, a co-signer can go to a bondsman and enter a bond agreement. That agreement states that the co-signer will cover a small percentage of the total, while the bondsman pays the rest, in exchange for the promise that the defendant will return to court when they are called upon for their trial.

Working with a bail bondsman helps to expedite the release process for an arrestee because bond agents have more experience with the jail system than the average person. They retain some form of collateral (either money or property) to hold the co-signer and defendant accountable.

Why Should I Trust a Bondsman?

Due to the nature of the bail bond system, bondsmen can be some of the most understanding people you encounter during an arrest. No matter what landed you in jail, a bond agent has probably heard a crazier story, and because of that, they are not going to judge you. Bail bondsmen are in the business of helping others. It’s in their best interest, and yours, for them to help you make every court date you’re required to attend.

What Does a Bondsman Do After Release?

Aside from getting someone released from jail, a bondsman can help you in many ways. More than anything, a bondsman wants to make sure you stay out of trouble. When someone misses a court date, the bondsman gets dragged into a battle with the courts and the co-signer, which they obviously do not want. Because of this, bondsmen like to stay in touch with those they help. This includes providing reminders of court appearances, reminders of probation restrictions and just generally making sure nothing is happening that could lead to a re-arrest. Bondsmen can even put you in touch with resources such as affordable housing and jobs.

DDD Bail Bonds: The Friendliest Bondsmen in DFW

Do not get stuck in the whirlwind that is an arrest. Having a reliable bail bondsman on your side will ease the process of getting released and help you stay on track until your case is resolved. Bondsmen hold you accountable more than anyone else because they care about keeping you out of trouble. DDD Bail Bonds is devoted to serving DFW and all the surrounding areas. We offer payment plans based on individual circumstances and make it easy to check in with us. Call us today at (972) 848-9663 or visit us online for a free quote!