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When a law enforcement officer picks you up for an alleged crime in Richardson, Texas you’ll quickly find yourself in a holding cell at the Richardson jail, just north of Dallas. Then, you’ll either wait there until the lightning-fast bail bondsmen at DDD Bail Bonds bond you out of jail, or you’re transferred to a larger detention facility. Dallas county actually has six detention facilities, each of which can house over 7,000 inmates and 900 employees. You will only be transferred to one of these facilities or a larger Dallas county jail if you can’t make bail, or the judge denies you bail. Typically, a judge will only deny you bail if you’re a flight risk, a danger to the community, you have an extensive criminal record, or you are suspected of committing a severe crime.  

The bail bondsmen at DDD Bail Bonds know this experience can be scary and overwhelming. Whether you’re guilty, it was just a misunderstanding, or you were unjustly arrested and detained, our experienced bondsmen can help you or your loved one navigate the process, and secure a fast release. 

    The City of Richardson

      The city of Richardson is generally known for being a safe Dallas suburb. It’s home to families and students alike, and it’s also a bustling hub for telecommunications companies. Richardson is proud to house the Telecom Corridor which is a technology business center, that spans 6.5 miles. Over 5,700 companies are headquartered there, including 600 tech giants such as AT&T, Verizon, and Samsung.

      Individuals who work in the tech, business, or financial industries may more commonly run into white collar crime charges. Kids attending one of the local colleges may also face trouble for misdemeanor crimes like petty theft or public intoxication. 

      Richardson is an affluent city that partially resides within Dallas county. The city is home to around 121,323 people, but the population fluctuates seasonally due to the large number of college students that take up residence there during the school year. Richardson is home to a variety of educational institutions including The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and the Dallas Nursing Institute. 

      Richardson Crime Rates

        This city has a good city safety rating, and overall crime is low. However, non-violent crimes such as theft are still common. According to 2019 crime data, the crime rate is 1.9% less than the U.S. national average. However, Richardson’s crime rate is still higher than 54.5% of U.S. cities. 

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        If you or a loved one needs to get bailed out of jail quickly, the bondsmen at DDD Bail Bonds are here to help! DDD Bail Bonds services Dallas County and will help you with next steps after a judge sets your bail amount. We offer convenient payment plans and expedite the bail bond release process to get you back home as soon as possible. Staying in jail for an extended period of time is unnecessary and there may be long-lasting issues to contend with after you get out like missed family time, work, or school. 

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        Payment plans

        We offer you payment plans so you can get your loved one home as soon as possible even if you don’t have the bail money right away.


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        Fast Jail Release

        Here at DDD Dallas Bail Bonds, we know how important it is for this process to move as rapidly as possible. We expedite the bail bond process from our end so that your loved one will be out as soon as possible.

        Working with a bail bond company doesn’t have to be a drag.

        When you call DDD Bail Bonds, you will experience friendly staff who understand your situation and want to help you every step of the way.

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