The recent outbreak of COVID-19 (aka, the corona virus) has sparked fear all over the world. While some might think those within jail and prison walls are safely quarantined away from the virus out here, that could not be farther from the truth. Believe it or not, those behind bars are just as susceptible to contracting the corona virus — some could argue more susceptible. Below are three ways inmates are also victims of this outbreak.

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1. Legal Implications

Something that likely does not cross the mind of many in the event of medical emergencies is the possibility of government facilities shutting down. While a jail or prison itself will not be closed due to an outbreak, courthouses can be. Judges and court attorneys will sometimes be ordered to stay home to avoid illness, and all scheduled court dates can be placed on indefinite holds. This can have a huge impact on inmates. Those whose trial dates are set during a closure will no longer have that opportunity to finish their case, and those who are scheduled for release might have it postponed until the legal system is allowed to resume.

2. Subpar Conditions Worsen

It is no secret that jails and prisons do not provide the best living conditions to inmates. Many jails across the country have been known to neglect and abuse inmates, and during a time of medical crisis, that can just worsen. Unfortunately, there is a tendency for inmates’ medical complaints to be ignored or brushed off, even when they are actually quite serious. An inmate could be experiencing early symptoms of the corona virus, but within a jail they would likely be told it was just a cold. This can lead to inmates having to suffer for longer than they need to, which is simply unfair.

3. Close Quarters Become a Trap

We mentioned earlier that those in incarceration might be more susceptible to contracting the corona virus. Once one person inside the jail walls contracts a virus or contagious disease, it spreads like wildfire due to the close quarters inmates are kept in. Holding cells can hold up to 20 people at any given time, and some prison cells hold 4 – 6 inmates simultaneously. Employees, visitors and new inmates frequently enter and leave the jail or prison, and they could be unknowingly carrying the corona virus inside.

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The fear of rapidly spreading disease is not just a concern for those of us who walk free; even those who are being kept behind secure jail and prison walls can fall victim. Unfortunately, our system often forgets to consider those behind bars. If only one person in incarceration is infected with the corona virus, it could spread throughout a facility faster than it can be detected (this has already happened in China). Do not remain behind bars longer than you should. Call DDD Bail Bonds at (972) 848-9663 or visit our website to secure your freedom immediately! We work fast to help DFW inmates get out of jail so they can get back to taking care of themselves and their loved ones on the outside.