With stories in the news about police interactions going wrong, there can be a lot of anxiety when dealing with an officer. Despite those valid concerns, there are some precautions you can take to reduce the chances of your police interactions going south. We are going to share with you some tips on how to safely interact with police officers in the event of a meeting. And if your meeting ends in an arrest in Dallas County, count of DDD Bail Bonds to get you out of jail.

Keep Your Hands In One Place

One of the most important things to do if you are stopped by a police officer is to keep your hands visible and in one place the entire time. Do not reach for any items. Do not place your hands in your pockets. Do not reach for/toward an officer. A police officer does not know your intentions and moving your hands or covering them can easy look suspicious. For all they know, you could be reaching for a hidden weapon or trying to grab one of theirs. If you are asked to provide something to a police officer, tell them exactly where it is and let them know you are reaching to get it. Only move once they give you the okay to do so. Even once given permission, make sure to move slowly and reiterate where/what you are reaching for.

Keep A Calm Demeanor

Anyone can agree that when someone begins to act irate, it can make all parties involved tense. If you are stopped to talk with an officer, even if you did nothing wrong, it is extremely important to remain calm. No one wants to get in trouble with the police, but sometimes things happen. No matter how innocent you are or how badly you do not want to end up arrested, you cannot begin fighting with an officer. If anything, verbal or physical attacks will only worsen your situation. Listen to what the officer has to say and wait your turn if you feel the need to explain yourself, bearing in mind that your words can be used against you. If the police want to arrest you, just let it happen, do not resist arrest. Dallas residents can always use DDD Bail Bonds to help get them out of jailtime and back to freedom.

DDD Bail Bonds: Ensuring Safety and Freedom For Dallas Arrestees

A rash action or tension driven decision can lead to a routine police interaction turning ugly. Keep yourself as calm as you possibly can. Being stopped by police can be a stressful event, but do not let your emotions cloud your actions. Try to keep your body calm and still as well. Fidgeting and movements can look suspicious. Unless asked for something specifically, you do not need to grab anything while chatting with police. And always remember that if you feel a police officer treated you outside of your rights, you can file an official complaint with the local jurisdiction. If you live in the Dallas area and need help getting out of jail, call DDD Bail Bonds at (972) 848-9663 or visit our website for information on how we can get you free. Let our family help your family.