Believe it or not, money is not the only way to buy yourself or your loved one out of jail. The ACLU is still arguing against money bail, but with Texas bail bondsmen, possessions can constitute bail just as much as money. There are several material options that bail bondsmen will accept as collateral for a bond – and if you’re struggling to make ends meet, collateral can certainly come in handy.

What Are Bail Bonds?

To define terms, bail bonds are essentially the insurance policy of a bail bond company. Bail bonds guarantee that someone getting a bail bond will appear on their court date. If the person who bails out appears on their court date, the case is closed and the bail bond is intact. But if the person does not appear, the court contacts the bail bond company, which then hands the person back to custody. If a bail bonds company doesn’t surrender the individual to the court, then they must pay the whole bail bond amount.

What Can Bail Bondsman Accept for Collateral?

In terms of collateral, bail bondsmen have a wide range of items they can accept. Most experienced agencies will take houses, real estate in the form of a title to the property the person owns, titles, credit cards, bank accounts, jewelry, bonds and stocks, and other items that can be justified as the right value.

When a defendant’s loved one puts up land, houses, valuables, or vehicles on bail until their loved one appears in court, they lose temporary access to their possessions but receive them back after the court date.

Here’s a breakdown of each item so you can know what counts as reasonable collateral to a bail bondsman.


Bondsmen typically accept the property title of a house as collateral for those who want to secure their bond. However, the house provided cannot be under a mortgage to qualify.


Vehicles count as a great option for collateral. RVs, cars, and boats are viable options to show to a bail bondsman.


Land is a wonderful option for collateral if you need to secure bail. Hand the title deed of the land or its pink slip to the court or bail bonds agency. Let them hang onto it until they see you show up for your court date.


Luxury jewelry, antiques, and other collectibles are all of value to surrender to a court or bond agency. Art, equipment, and electronics also count as good options for collateral. You can use your bank account as collateral, but the money inside of it will be locked in and unavailable to withdraw until you reach your court date.

If You Miss Your Court Appearance

If the arrested individual misses their court appearance, he or she must immediately contact their bail bonds company so that their bail bond is reinstated. The bail bond company’s vested interest is in keeping those it serves out of jail and helping them get all the way through their court hearings unscathed.

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