The city of Fort Worth’s municipal court has declared February as Warrant Forgiveness Month. This month is allowing individuals charged with crimes in Fort Worth a chance to lessen their penalties or, in other cases, reduce fines they have been issued. If you or a loved one has been arrested in DFW and needs help getting released from jail, DDD Bail Bonds are the most reliable bondsmen in the area. We promise to work fast to make sure you too get a chance to participate in Warrant Forgiveness Month.

Fort Worth’s Forgiving Track Record

Over the past two years, the city of Fort Worth has granted “forgiveness” to people all over the city with warrants to their names. According to the interim court director, William F. Rumuly, 10,000 Fort Worth residents with outstanding warrants have been helped to lessen their charge’s penalties. Because of Fort Worth’s status as a Safe Harbor city, they are able to guarantee warranted residents safe entry into the municipal courts without the risk of being arrested. The courts are encouraging people to stop by to see if they are eligible for the Warrant Forgiveness initiative, as they understand that many feel there are no alternatives to the consequences they have been given. The courts are also still doing their Court in the Community campaign, which is bringing mobile courtrooms to various sites around Fort Worth all February long. A list of the pop-up court sites can be found here.

How to Take Advantage of Warrant Forgiveness Month

It is fairly easy to participate in Warrant Forgiveness Month. Individuals with warrants to their names are simply being asked to voluntarily present themselves in a courtroom anytime in the month of February. Depending on each individual’s financial circumstance and the nature of their crimes, eligible participants may be able to perform community service or see a reduction in their fines. Like the city of Fort Worth, DDD Bail Bonds wants to see everyone get a fair chance at rectifying their situation. We offer bail bonds to many types of cases and are more than happy to work with you to arrange a payment plan.

DDD Bail Bonds: Giving DFW Arrestees a Second Chance

The city of Fort Worth is offering Warrant Forgiveness Month so that its residents do not feel alone in their experience in the justice system. They are being understanding on all kinds of charges and are working tirelessly to secure lesser sentences and reduce fines, without having to automatically threaten an arrest. DDD Bail Bonds wants to help you take advantage of Warrant Forgiveness Month, and the first step to that is securing your bail bond. Unless you get released from jail, there is no way to begin working on fixing your charges. We service all of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, as well as anywhere in the United States. Give us a call 24/7 at (972) 848-9663 or visit our website to get in touch with a knowledgeable, experienced bondsman. Let our family help your family!