Going to a bail bondsman can be intimidating, especially when it’s your first time. While many in the industry are in it for the right reasons, others seem to relish the fear that you feel as you go to them for help getting yourself or your loved one out of jail.

We’d advise you to stay away from any bail bondsman that makes you feel uncomfortable. Also, look for the following warning signs.

Bail Bondsman Red Flag No. 1: Negativity

Negativity can take many forms when you’re a bail bondsman. You have to be aware of how you’re coming across to customers at all times. For starters, are they being treated like customers or criminals? Nothing is a bigger turnoff than being made to feel like you belong in jail by the person you’re trying to get to bail you out.

One way that negativity can slip into a bail bondsman’s attitude is in how he or she responds to your questions. Do they make you feel like you should already know this-or-that? Do they talk in a condescending manner? Are they approachable? Negativity will reveal itself in the answers to these questions.

No. 2: Too Expensive

States vary in the premium rates they allow on a bail bond. That means some parts of the country can only charge one amount or less. The idea is to control costs for cash-strapped inmates. In states that do allow some degree of variance, a bail bondsman can show he’s bad at his job by consistently gouging you on price.

While others are charging 10 percent, he charges 20. That’s why it’s a good idea to call around and to go with an agency like DDD Dallas Bail Bonds that prides itself on the lowest possible rates.

No. 3: Poor Communication Skills

Sometimes even the best of intentions aren’t enough. The kindest bail bondsman who does a lousy job of explaining things to you is a bad bail bondsman. Facing jail time is scary business, so if they can’t explain to you how the process works, answer your questions clearly and patiently and anticipate questions you haven’t asked but need to know, then they’re no good for you.

No. 4: Bad Location

The first three rules of real estate certainly apply here — location, location, location. You want a bail bondsman who can respond quickly to your call for service. The best bail bondsmen have two things going for them when it comes to geography.

They have enough exposure to the coverage area (i.e., more than one office as needed), and they have proximity to the detention centers. Bail bondsmen located anywhere else than the city’s criminal justice center aren’t doing you or themselves any favors.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

If you get a bad vibe, then you’re probably right. The signs of a bad bail bondsmen shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, it’s your freedom at stake. Should you need immediate support from a bail bonds company with a sterling reputation, give DDD Dallas Bail Bonds a call today.