To a child, the thought of their parent being taken away can be one of the most terrifying scenarios they can imagine. The concept of arrest can be difficult for a child to understand, and it can also be difficult to explain to them. Children rely on their parents and look to them for guidance, but a parent being taken to jail might change their perception and cause them trauma if not handled carefully. DDD Dallas Bail Bonds works hard to help Dallas County families be reunited after an arrest, because we understand how hard it is to be separated from your child.

Listen to the Child’s Concerns

When a child does not know how to process information, they will often form their own conclusions. A child might fear that they are the cause of their parent’s arrest, or that there was something they should have done to prevent it. Explain to the child that what their parent does is out of their hands, and that placing blame on themselves is not fair to them. A child might also be concerned for their parent’s safety while in jail. Kids can have a warped view of what goes on when someone is arrested, so be sure to let them know that there is nothing to fear. Assure the child that their parent is not in any danger, and that they are only being talked to by police.

Be Honest with the Child

Kids are more aware than we give them credit for, and they deserve to know what is going on with their parent. If you do not want your child knowing every detail of the situation, they can hear things in an abridged manner. This allows them to feel less confused about what is happening. Explain things to them in a simplified version. Tell them their parent made a mistake and now must face the consequences. The arrest is not permanent, and the parent is going to fix whatever mistake they made and come back from it. DDD Bail Bonds values family, and we want to help parents get back with their kids fast and affordably.

Use It as an Example

A parent’s arrest can be used as a learning experience for a child. Remind the child that regardless of age, when mistakes are made, people must expect to be punished, and that jailtime is a punishment their parent is currently dealing with. The kid will see from their own pain and confusion that being taken to jail is not a good thing for anyone involved and will remember that later in life when making their own decisions.

DDD Bail Bonds: Helping Dallas Parents Return to Their Children

The act of a being separated from a parent can be very traumatic for a child. When a parent is taken into police custody, it is important to know how to comfort and console their child, as they will likely have a lot of questions and concerns. Although it is hard, talk to the child in a way they can understand, because they simply care and want assurance that things are going to be okay.

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