Going to jail is a long process, and bail bond companies try to shorten it as much as possible. Without a bail bond, getting out of jail is both time-consuming and expensive. There are many reasons why bail is set so high, just as there are reasons why the booking process takes so long.

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However, the good news is that bail bonds help make the jail process as easy as possible. As trained agencies specializing in the court system, bail bond companies know how to get inmates out of jail as soon as possible. Without a bail bond, inmates often stay in jail much longer than necessary, risking their jobs and families back home. In fact, according to The Texas Observer, 3 out of 4 county inmates haven’t been convicted of a crime. Bail is simply too expensive, and that’s why bail bond companies make it as affordable as possible to get out of jail.

However, even with a bail bond, the process may be delayed. When it comes down to it, the court and prison system may be unpredictable. There are several reasons as to why the bail bond process can slow down, and here are the main causes:

Taking Too Long to Call the Bail Bond Company

Delaying your call to the bail bond company delays your time in jail. The longer it takes for you to contact a bail bond company (or someone who can get a bail bond), the longer you stay in jail. The fastest way to get out of jail is to immediately arrange for a bail bond as soon as you can after getting arrested. Because the bail bond paperwork may take some hours, it’s best to act fast.

While bail bond companies are trained to act fast, they can’t do much about a slow jail facility. For this reason, it’s highly recommended that inmates call a bail bond company as soon as possible.

The Bail Bond Company Doesn’t Have Enough Information

Because the bail bond industry is a risky business, companies need plenty of information before moving forward. If someone searching for a bail bond doesn’t have all the information necessary to get one, the process will slow down. Unfortunately, bail bond companies can’t post a bond without all the necessary information, in case the defendant skips court or flees.

However, the good news is that many bail bond companies, such as DDD Bail Bonds of Dallas, will work with you to accommodate. Here is the basic information that bail bond companies need in order to post an inmate’s bond:

  • The name of the person acting on behalf of the inmate
  • The date of birth of the person acting on behalf of the inmate
  • The county where the inmate is being held
  • The total bail amount

Sometimes, additional information may be required. However, the above is what’s absolutely necessary.

The Unexpected

When it comes down to it, anything can happen. Jails and detention facilities may be understaffed. There may be an unexpected influx of arrests and inmates, delaying the booking process. Jail employees may call in sick or take long lunches. Shift changes may be delayed. Anything may happen, and the jail process is truly out of our control.

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Call a Fast and Affordable Bail Bond Company

At the end of the day, you can make the bail bond process as fast as possible by calling the right bail bond company. DDD Bail Bonds of Dallas is the fastest and most affordable bail bond company in Dallas County. We make it as easy as possible to get a bail bond, no matter your budget.

Our office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and always ready to release an inmate in Dallas County. To get a Dallas inmate out of jail today, contact our office or click here to get started.