Most often, people who are not very familiar with the criminal justice system or bail hearings are not sure of the best things to do. By understanding the bail hearing process, it’s a lot easier to know what you need to expect. Then, it is also best for you to work with a reputable bail bondsman from DDD Bail Bonds to ensure a faster way to get released while saving money.

Once the court holds a bail hearing, it helps in identifying how much bail will apply to a particular case. Be aware that there are some instances where courts do not allow bail or even deny it when the state law allows.

When the court denies bail or determines a bail amount, the following factors are considered:

Flight Risk

Do not be surprised that some defendants might pose a higher flight risk when compared to others. These defendants include those who face sentences imposing long periods of incarceration or death. As a result, they are more likely to try to get released.

Family Obligations

In case defendants are responsible for the well-being of dependents or family members, courts might be more likely to impose a lesser bail amount.

The Severity of the Crime

Generally, more serious crimes have higher bail amounts compared to less serious ones. If someone is being accused of a minor theft, the bail might be $1,000 or less. However, if someone is charged with murder, the amount can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Community Connections

Defendants with strong community connections can be less likely to fail to reappear at the court or flee than someone who is merely passing through town. These people include those whose family is located in the area or who own local businesses.

Income and Assets

Defendants with substantial assets or money might be unlikely see low bail bonds as a weighty deterrent. The court may consider when defendants are employed or seem to lose that employment that resulted from the inability to pay the amount.

Public Safety

Should the release of a defendant pose risks to the public’s safety and health or otherwise, the court will usually refuse to allow bail in the case. A defendant who is charged with an act of terrorism is more likely to be denied bail. That is because when that person is being released, it will pose a risk to others’ lives.

Criminal and Court History

Typically, defendants with criminal histories like failures to appear at court will have higher bonds compared to people who are involved in a criminal case for the first time. In the case of a defendant who has been granted bail numerous times but who has failed to appear in court or violated some bail conditions, the court will impose a higher bail amount than those without histories of failing to appear. There are also times that these people with court history are not granted bail.

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