If you ever stopped to wonder what the most common crimes in Texas were, you’re not alone. Every state has their own crime statistics, and Texas statistics vary with population. As the second largest state in the US, Texas has wide rural deserts as well as the fourth largest city in the country. It’s no surprise that the greater the city population, the higher the crime rate. The Texas cities with the most crime are:

  • Houston 
  • San Antonio
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Fort Worth

Anyone in the state of Texas can become a crime victim, so it’s always useful to be aware of the common offenses. DDD Bail Bonds works closely with the court and criminal justice system on a daily basis, educating Dallas residents about their rights and what to look out for.

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Texas Annual Crime Report

The Texas Department of Public Safety annually provides crime reports and statistics, allowing residents and citizens to keep up with common crimes. When people educate themselves on what matters most, they’re equipped with the knowledge necessary to be good citizens. When citizens are aware of their state’s most common crimes and where they occur most frequently, they can protect themselves. Below are the top 5 most common crimes in Texas.

1. Drugs

While drug offenses are a big issue in all states, it’s Texas’s biggest issue. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety annual crime report, drug offenses make up the most of Texas arrests—by far. The annual crime report counts all drug offenses, including possession. Given the sheer size of Texas, it’s no surprise that drug crimes are the most common in the state.

2. Theft

Theft is the second most common criminal offense in Texas. The Texas Department of Public Safety counts all instances of theft, including petty theft. In just the last year alone, there were almost 518,000 theft-related arrests made in Texas.

3. Aggravated Assault

Third on the list of the most common crimes in Texas is aggravated assault. The Texas Department of Public Safety annual report counts both assault and aggravated assault under this category. According to the crime report, over 118,000 people were arrested for an assault charge in Texas.

4. Burglary

Burglary is categorized as illegally breaking into something. This can be a machine, car, house or anything that can be broken into. Unfortunately, over 100,000 individuals in Texas are arrested annually for committing burglary.

5. Robbery

Unlike burglary, robbery is considered a violent crime. The reason robbery is classified as violent is because it involves direct one-on-one contact with a victim, typically resulting in an injury. In 2017, over 32,000 people were arrested for robbery in Texas. Although it’s the fifth most common crime, robbery is extremely dangerous and may result in serious injury. We recommend always being alert when walking alone, and keeping a phone on you at all times.

DDD Bail Bonds

There’s good news: according to the report, Texas crime has reduced significantly. From 2015 to 2016, total Texas crimes have decreased by about 0.3 percent, in relation to the total population. DDD Bail Bonds works closely with individuals and families dealing with criminal offenses every day. Regardless of how big or small the crime is, we can post an inmate’s bail and release them from jail fast. For more information on Dallas bail bonds or to bail someone out of jail today, contact us.