bail bonds dallas txDDD Bail Bonds likes to keep our readers informed. In this September 2019 collection of bail bond news headlines, we learn about the strange case of a repossessed ankle monitor, tips for avoiding shady dealings with a bail bond company, and the controversial cashless bonds of Harris County. Remember: When you need a bail bond company you can trust, call DDD Bail Bonds! We’re available 24 hours a day to clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Losing Track of a Murder Suspect

On the surface, it’s a pretty scary story: a Houston murder suspect, out on bail, had his ankle monitor repossessed for failure to pay the monthly fees associated with the device. This left him untraceable and caused a great deal of fear and stress for the family of the alleged victim, who didn’t even know the suspect was out on bail until they heard his monitoring device had gone dark and his whereabouts were unknown.

The suspect went unmonitored for a full two weeks. Thankfully, he had remained in his home, where officers found him. He was taken back to jail and will likely stay there until his court date.

The thought of a murder suspect at large is chilling, but the really horrifying part of this story is that a GPS ankle monitor supplier would send an employee to repossess an ankle monitor without the court’s knowledge or permission. The supplier in question did not follow the rules of their contract which stated they would go to the court if the suspect failed to pay their monthly monitoring fee. Let’s hope this is a one-time occurrence.

The Cashless Bond Controversy

Harris County’s cashless bail bond policy has been a hotbed of controversy since its implementation. It all started with a lawsuit brought against the county by three inmates who claimed the bail bond process unfairly jailed poor people who could not afford to bond out. In response, Harris County put in place a $97 million automatic pre-trial release program for low-level offenders, such as people caught driving with a suspended license. About 85% of misdemeanor offenders qualify for release under this program, which also includes resources for the poor and transportation to get them to their court dates.

While this sounds like a good thing, some groups in Harris County are afraid the large number of suspects being released will constitute a risk to the public. Indeed, since the new program was implemented, the number of misdemeanor defendants released each month has increased by 330.1%. But the real kicker is that the number of felony defendants released each month has increased by 745.8%.

Proponents of the program point out that there are restrictions for who qualifies for pre-trial release, including those with charges of domestic violence, second-time and subsequent drunk drivers, and anyone who has been arrested during a supervised release. Is the cashless bond the best thing for Harris County defendants? It looks like only time will tell.

Back Room Bail Bonds

An ABC Team 10 investigation in Orange County, CA, turned up some shady dealings among area bail bond companies. Their investigation highlights the importance of working with a trusted bond agent who has plenty of positive reviews and ratings from different online sources.

The victims of these illegal bond schemes were people who had been arrested and were bonded out of jail. The first odd thing they noticed was the speed at which the bailouts occurred. They were almost instantaneous, suggesting that there hadn’t been enough time for the proper paperwork and funding to be secured.

Others made verbal agreements with bail bond agents over the phone while in jail. The companies bailed them out, but failed to honor the terms of the verbal agreement. For example, some agents agreed to take $150 a month on a monthly repayment plan, but later switched up the terms and told clients they would have to pay $300 a month or have their bond revoked. The bail bond company kept the down payments and dragged the defendants back to jail.

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