Bail bonds companies are not created equal, and they seem to fall into two factions: those that take the law enforcement guilty-until-proven-innocent approach and those who see their clients as customers, not criminals.

The latter type of agency is the kind you want to deal with. And these agencies have one major thing in common — they’re great at customer service. Particularly, they exhibit these five qualities.

Bail Bond Customer Service Skill No. 1: Bonding Expertise

First and foremost, every bail bondsman needs to have a first-hand knowledge and expertise regarding what they do. Yes, they need to know how the system works in general, but they also need a knowledge at the county level.

It also helps to have relationships established with individuals in the justice system. People they can contact to get the jump on things and affect a quick release.

No. 2: The Ability to Explain

Not only should they know what they’re doing, but they should also know how to explain what needs to be done to the people paying, whether that’s you or your loved one. If you’re the average person, you don’t have a lot of exposure to the bail bonds system. So having someone with patience, understanding, and the ability to make things accessible is essential.

No. 3: Empathy

If you need a bond, then you’re probably not in the best emotional state or frame of mind. A bail bondsman should understand this. He or she should approach the situation as much from what you’re feeling as they do what you need to get done because keeping your spirits up throughout this process is important.

No. 4: A Positive Attitude

A good bail bondsman will emit positivity when dealing with your specific situation. They won’t try to make you feel the doom and gloom you may be feeling from the arrest. They’ll have a can-do attitude, and they’ll be committed to getting you your freedom.

With freedom, you’re able to make sound decisions regarding family matters and legal strategy, thus avoiding the pitfall of pleading guilty to a lesser charge that so many make in order to put the incident behind them.

No. 5: Speedy Service

Bail bondsmen should be committed not only to earning you your release; they also should want it yesterday. That means they’ll be located close to city law enforcement centers. They’ll know all the tips and tricks for how to get you out sooner rather than later. And they’ll do their best to ensure you never spend a night in jail without a conviction.

Have you found these skills in a bail bondsman? If not, come over to DDD Dallas Bail Bonds. We’re ready to take care of your situation with all five of these in place. We look forward to serving you.