If you’re ever unfortunate enough to be wrongly-accused of a crime — or if you had a moment of bad judgment that you’d like to recover from — then you’re going to find a bail bond can be your best friend. While bonds do cost money, they place you in a much better position to escape from the charges without a criminal record.

In the following article, we’ll be discussing five core statistics that make getting a bail bond a no-brainer. Let’s get things started.

Less than 40 percent of people who can’t make bail on their own will see their case dismissed or resolved without adding to their record.

The statistics do not favor you if you’re unable to make bond. Over 60 percent will end up with a criminal record or not have their case dismissed. Even if they’re ultimately found innocent, the trial process can swing like a wrecking ball through their lives, leaving a path of personal and financial destruction in its wake.

Only 40 percent will plead guilty if they have a bail bond.

In other words, a bail bond gives you a fighting chance. That fighting chance makes you think twice about admitting guilt — a good thing if you want your charges reduced or if you really are innocent and want to escape the charges altogether.

Not getting bail means you’ll spend a little more than two weeks in jail.

Who can afford two weeks away from work? Most of us would not have a job waiting on us when we got back, even if we were ultimately found innocent of the charges.

If you cannot obtain a bail bond, you’re overwhelmingly likely (nine-in-ten chance) to plead guilty.

There are many people who’ve pled guilty who had nothing to do with the charges they’re facing. This travesty of the criminal justice system makes it difficult to feel good about the way our country operates.

Why does it happen?

Because prosecutors won’t feel too sure about their case, but they want to close it out in their favor so they offer lesser charges that come with lesser penalties. As a result, cash-strapped defendants are tempted to make a deal so they can get back to their lives.

Almost 90 percent of those who post bail will avoid a criminal record or even have their case dismissed.

This final statistic is overwhelming. It all but guarantees a favorable outcome if you’re able to make bail. The inverse of this figure — only 10 percent who make bail will be convicted after doing so. It looks good no matter how you slice it.

So there you have it, friends. Every reason in the world to post bail when you don’t have the money to pay outright. If that sounds like your situation, give us a call today and let us help you avoid the pitfalls of staying incarcerated.