When dealing with the legal system, nothing can really be guaranteed. Everything comes with “if” or “however” attached to it. Because of this, it is important to know how things work and the different conditions added on to everything, especially when it comes to getting out of jailtime. Some people might not realize that there are times where a judge will not let you out on bail. We are going to explain 4 of the reasons a judge could use to not allow your release. DDD Bail Bonds in Dallas can help you navigate the complicated bond process and the different ways it can unfold.

1. Severe Crimes

The first thing a judge will look at when deciding the nature of your bond/possibility of bail is how severe your crime was. An offender who committed a misdemeanor is pretty likely to have a reasonable bail set and to be released. Someone who commits a felony, such as murder, armed robbery, arson or rape, will have a very hard time securing bail. The judge will most likely set an extremely high bail, one that the offender would not be able to cover. This is why people charged with felonies tend to stay in prison before their court date, the judges do not want them to be back with the public.

2. Repeated Offenses

When you are given the chance to be released from jail on bail, you are expected to not recommit a crime. Essentially, the courts are putting faith in you to be an upstanding citizen upon release. After you are re-arrested for an offense, your likelihood of being released on bail again goes down significantly.

3. Flight Risk Concerns

Even after you are physically released from jail, you still have legal obligations to the court. Those legal obligations include showing up to appointed court dates. If the offender has a history of evading court dates and trying to leave the country, they are considered a flight risk and will likely not be allowed out of police custody by a judge. This judgement call is typically made if the judge has a history with the suspect and already knows how they act upon release.

4. Threat to the Public

If a judge believes that a defendant is a threat to public safety, they will likely not allow them out on bail. If their charges include violent acts, lewd acts or threats of terrorism, the possibility of release on bail goes down

DDD Bail Bonds: Navigating Dallas’ Toughest Bail Bonds

The chances of getting out of jail truly depends on the nature of your crimes and your record. People who are not repeat offenders and are not considered a serious risk are more likely to get a bail set for their release that will be easy to pay. If that is not the case, you may see yourself staying in jail awaiting your court date. DDD Bail Bonds treats every client with courtesy and respect, regardless of their situations. If you are arrested in Dallas and need quick help contact DDD on our website or give us a call at (972) 848-9663. Let our family help your family.